Applications Before 1 July 2015

The rules for investment under the SIV program were changed for those who apply for the visa AFTER 1 July 2015. If you applied BEFORE 1 July 2015, the rules summarised below apply to you.

A total amount of AUD$5 million is required to be invested, for a minimum period of 4 years. The total investment amount may be divided into the following areas, in whichever way you want (and the Sumo SIV professionals can help you with this decision):

The investments required under the SIV program are:

Bonds issued by the Commonwealth (Australian) Government, or that of any State or Territory in Australia;

A direct investment into an Australian private company with a qualifying business; and/or

A managed fund that is regulated by the Australian corporate and investments regulator, the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). The Sumo SIV Managed Fund is such a managed fund.

The Sumo SIV Managed Fund is registered by ASIC and is a complying SIV managed fund. The Fund’s registration number is ARSN 164 733 260.

The advantage of investing into a managed fund like the Sumo SIV Managed Fund over government bonds and private businesses is that we offer a better balance between returns and risk than either of the other two options.

The Sumo SIV Managed Fund also allows you to tailor your investment mix to suit your personal preferences and risk tolerance.

The broad categories of SIV complying investment options available to you through the Sumo SIV Managed Fund have been set by the Australian Government and these include cash held by Australian deposit taking institutions; bonds issued by the Commonwealth Government or a State or Territory government; bonds, equity, hybrids or other corporate debt in companies and trusts listed or expected to be listed within 12 months on an Australian stock exchange; bonds or term deposits issued by Australian financial institutions; real estate; managed funds that invest in any of these permitted assets; agribusiness; and infrastructure projects in Australia.

For a full list of complying managed fund investments, click on

The Sumo SIV Managed Fund – You Determine Your Own Mix of Investments and You Own Your Individual Investment Portfolio

Why should you entrust a part of your family wealth to the Sumo SIV Managed Fund?


When you invest in the SUMO SIV Managed Fund, you have the ability to choose the assets into which your funds are invested. This means that you have the freedom to choose the asset class or classes that you are most comfortable with and that are in line with your own investment philosophy or preferences.

You decide your own investments. Your choices are wide, with Real Estate, ASX-listed stocks, Government or Corporate bonds, property or share managed funds, and cash (including bank term deposits) all part of the investment options that you can choose from.

You Own the Assets:

One of the biggest problems that many investors face is that having invested their moneys into a managed fund, they do not own any of the underlying assets. The Sumo SIV Managed Fund solves this problem.

As an investor in the Sumo SIV Managed Fund, you (as the beneficiary) are the owner of your own separately constructed investment portfolio. The responsible entity of the Sumo SIV Managed Fund or a properly authorised custodian merely holds those assets on trust for you, the beneficial owner.

You are also able to always communicate directly with us should you wish to make any changes or adjustments to your investment portfolio as you desire.

When it comes to significant investment amounts, such as the amount required for the SIV, that flexibility and control is what sets Sumo SIV apart.

Invest Legally in Australian Property and Real Estate:

Australian real estate and property is one of the most highly sought-after assets in the investment world. However, there are strict limits around ownership of Australian real estate by non-residents.

Through the SUMO SIV Managed Fund, you may invest in commercial and residential real estate of your choice (residential properties must be new and with approval of the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB)).

To learn more about how the professionals at Sumo SIV have helped manage SIV investors’ investments that comply with Australia’s SIV rules, we invite you to contact us.

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